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Acupuncture & Moxibustion

MoxibustionAcupuncture is the placing of needles into the superficial structure of the body (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles). The needles provide a special link between the patient and the acupuncturist, placed at special, strategic acupuncture points (acupoints). Skilful manipulation influences the flow of Qi (body vitality – pronounced Chi), unblocks the stagnation of Qi flowing in the meridians or channels, which are related to the internal organs, and relieves pain.

AcupunctureAcupunctutre model

FSN (Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling – also called Floating Acupuncture) is a new acupuncture technique which uses a modified acupuncture needle. It penetrates and stimulates the subcutaneous (under-skin) layers of the area of nearby trigger points or taut tightened muscles. The treatment hels with musculoskeletal conditions and other ailments.

Acupuncture treatment is safe when administered by well-trained practioners using sterilized and disposable needles. The needles usually are very fine, and the treatment is virtually painless.

Chinese acupuncture treatment is often accompanied by the added stimulation of moxibustion. This involves burning Moxi wool (mugwort) or smokeless moxa roll, placed on or near the skin and producing mild, pleasant heat at the acupoints or affected area.

In electroacupuncture a mild electric current is applied to the needles once they are inserted, in order to further stimulate the acupoints.

Acupuncture is recognised as one of the main alternative therapies to assist with a range of medical and well-being conditions. It also has a pronounced ‘well-being’ effect, bringing feelings of revitalisation, greater positivity and relaxedness. Acupuncture should not be considered as a prior treatment for any conditions for which medical supervision should be sought initially.

For pain relief, in particular, acupuncture has been shown to assist with, for example:

– Tension-type headaches
– Migraine headache
– Chronic low back pain
– Neck pain or chronic neck pain
– Osteoarthritis knee pain
– Symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome
– Temporomandibular (TMD/TMJ) pain

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The UK’s National Health Service recognises acupuncture as a treatment. For more details click here.

UCSF logoThe University of California San Francisco Medical Center also has a good overview. Click here.


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