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I came to Dr Ling’s clinic suffering from a stomach complaint. I found Dr Ling to be a very friendly and professional lady who helped me and after a few visits I was back to normal. The treatment made me feel relaxed and energised and now I come on a regular basis for what I call TLC. The Clinic is clean, comfortable and warm and the Doctor and her staff are lovely. I look forward to my visits.
Chloe – Brookmans Park


I came to Dr Ling after being recommended by a friend who had been suffering with her elbow – she was full of praise and only needed 4 treatments but now comes back once a month for a ‘top-up and TLC’. My problem was my lower back, for which my GP gave me anti-inflammatory pills and pain killers. Dr Ling Chen went through my medical history and when I told her I suffered from IBS she said she would help with that too. I came weekly for 6 weeks and my back is completely better and the IBS has really improved – it now only plays-up occasionally.
I can’t thank her enough and I feel like another person now – back to my old self. The whole treatment of acupuncture and massage is very pleasant and relaxing. The rooms are warm and clean and I just lie listening to relaxing music while the treatment takes place – it’s pure magic. I have recommended Dr Ling to many people and they are all very happy with the treatment and results. Thank you, Dr Chen.
Jill – Barnet


Dr Chen – wonderful cures. My Doctor said I should have surgery to repair a hernia – no way, just needles. Tinnitus: Dr Chen cut down the ringing by 85%. Knees: again acupuncture – walking without pain.
B Crouch


I came to Dr Ling as I was in pain with a coughing bug. Conventional medicine did not help but Dr Ling’s treatment and Chinese herbs cured me. The attention to me as an individual with tailored herbs made all the difference.
A very relaxing and clean place – a different way of dealing with things. Very friendly, very nice.
Rose – Barnet


I have suffered with backache for many years following an injury at work. The pain has been chronic and medication, physio and exercise have only helped for short periods. Today I have taken no pain killers and I am happily due to have my next acupuncture treatment. My mobility, sleep and general well-being have improved.
Margaret R – Midwife


Dr Chen works miracles. Whatever ailments I have she brings relief and I always leave feeling renewed. I originally attended with aching joints but she has also helped me with insomnia and emotional worries.
Jeanette F


I suffer with arthritis, mainly in my arms and hands, and was on 8 pain killers a day. Now, after 2 years of acupuncture no pain killers are needed and I continue with weekly treatments of acupuncture.
Mr Les W


Since I have been having treatments my sleep has improved and my indigestion has disappeared. I feel so relaxed after my treatments – I really look forward to them.
Pat G

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