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Coronavirus & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal formulas are tailored to each client

Chinese herbal medicineChinese Herbal Medicine has a tradition of providing formulas both to help boost general body immunity and provide alleviation of a number of the initial cold- and flu-like symptoms associated with coronavirus.

Treatment and cost

Dr Ling uses her extensive TCM experience to formulate and supply herbal preparations over the counter at the clinic and by post. The cost will be in the region of approximately £30.00 per week for an infusion taken twice daily. A one-week course is usually sufficient to counter the presence of initial symptoms: dry cough, temperature, fatigue. (Telephone payment is possible by debit/credit card.)

Consultation for formulation of a herbal formula requires details of:

  • the main complaints being experienced;
  • the state of the sleep and appetite functions;
  • details of bowel and urine functions;
  • notification of any pre-existing medical conditions;
  • if the consultation is not face-to-face an email photograph of the tongue will be requested.

In addition to clinic appointments, Dr Ling offers telephone consultations to discuss herbal medicine formulations. Both are best arranged over the phone, but our Email Contact Form can also be used to make initial contact and outline a description of symptoms and the nature of the bodily functions list above.

Coronavirus – Clinic Health & Safety Practice

Coronavirus manual published by Chinese TCM university


The clinic is open

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