UK trial finds acupuncture sessions show doubled IVF success



Results of an IVF/Acupuncture Study carried out at Homerton University Hospital


The likelihood of women conceiving with IVF was found to be over twice as high if they underwent acupuncture sessions in a London trial that was widely reported, including the Daily Mail and Telegraph (4 July 2016).

The Daily Mail reported:

Scientists at Homerton University Hospital studied 127 women aged between 23 and 43, on their first or second cycle of IVF…
Among the treatment group, 46.2 per cent conceived – more than twice as many as in the other group, where only 21.7 per cent of the women became pregnant.

The Telegraph quoted Dr Adam Balen, chairman of the British Fertility Society. He described the findings as “very interesting”, saying:

“There is no doubt that when people are given acupuncture it can feel like an extra dimension of support. Fertility treatment is stressful and it can be quite helpful to have a therapy which relaxes them.”

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