Testimonials – December 2015

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A friend suggested that I saw Dr Ling Chen as I have been having digestive problems lately.
Dr Ling is a very friendly, professional lady and after taking all my history I had acupuncture and took some herbs. Only three days passed and I felt so much better; no bloated feeling and I went to the toilet normally – no constipation.
I have since had a bad shoulder and again, after three sessions it feels better.
The staff and Doctor are very friendly and I would highly recommend.
Jane – Barnet


Dr Ling is the best in my view. I had severe pain in my side which Dr Ling relieved greatly.
Chris – New Barnet


I have been visiting the centre for many years, and highly recommend anyone with problems of “all sorts” to pay Dr Chen a visit!
Her expertise and the peaceful environment, together with a very friendly staff, make every visit a very helpful and fulfilling experience.
Always as my problems have appeared, my first thought is to get to the advice of Dr Chen, she is second-to-none.
Marjorie – Barnet


I have been attending Dr Chen’s Clinic now for about six weeks and I found it to be a very positive experience.
Dr Chen is a friendly, caring person in her own right as well as being a highly skilled practitioner and it is a pleasure to go and see her.
The staff are also very friendly and make one feel like a “real” person whose porblems they are more than happy to address.
Long may they continue.
Valerie – Barnet

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