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Initial Consultation

The standard, initial consultation fee is £20.00

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Acupuncture – single (see Block-booking Discounts below)
(inc. hot cupping/electric acupuncture/massage)
1 hour(Doctor present throughout treatment session)  £65.00
1 hour                                               £50.00
30 mins                                              £36.00
FSN needles (30 mins)                                £35.00
FSN needles (if used with treatment)           Extra £ 5.00   

Moxibustion is explained here
Gua sha is explained here
FSN (Fu's Subcutaneous Needling) is explained here
Ask about our Allergy & Intolerance Testing service

30 mins Hot Cupping & Massage                        £35.00
30 mins Moxibustion Treatment                        £35.00
Facial Acupuncture (inc. Gua sha massage)            £62.00
Facial Acupuncture (with any additional ailment)     £70.00
Ear Acupuncture                                      £35.00
Herbal medicine....   per week             £30.00 to £60.00
Raw herbs..........   per bag                        £ 8.00
Removal of moles
  (combination of acupuncture & herbal)... per mole  £40.00

Why combine Physical Treatments with Herbal Medicines?

Dr Chen is keen to stress that there are real benefits to be gained from combining our physical treatments with herbal medicines.
Not only can this lead to a better, swifter recovery for your body and mind, it can also prove to be more cost-effective.
Ailments and conditions that can be overcome are often more likely to be dealt with in a shorter time period, with fewer treatments overall.
Ongoing and recurring conditions are often likely to require less frequent sessions to keep them in check.

Block-booking Discounts

Total paid in advance – To be used within 6 months

Pay for 5 clinic sessions – DISCOUNT PRICE                                     £225.00
Pay for 8 clinic sessions – get 1 more FREE                                       £400.00
Pay for 10 clinic sessions – get 2 more FREE                                     £500.00




CHRISTMAS 2020 Opening Times are on our Contact Form here

9.30am – 5.30pm

1.00pm – 8.00pm

9.00am – 2.00pm


Cash, Cards, Cheques (accepted at our discretion).

Cancelling or Altering Appointments

Our Policy:
If you need to cancel or change an appointment time, please give Dr Chen at least 24 hours notice to allow the vacant slot to be filled.
Late cancellations or missed appointments will be charged.


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