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Dr Ling Chen

Dr Ling Chen

Dr Ling Chen is a Member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture UK (MATCM). She acquired her degree after five years’ training in both modern western and traditional Chinese medicine at Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

ATCM logo imageHaving qualified with distinction, she gained wide experience of the use of therapeutic herbs and the special treatments (acupuncture, remedial massage, pain control etc – see list) that are unique to the Chinese.  With over 13 years on the medical staff of one of China’s premier general hospitals in Beijing, and also a leading centre for the practice and development of healing and healthcare using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr Chen can claim special expertise in both Chinese and Western medicine.

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She moved to the UK over ten years ago and continues to contribute to many national and international professional seminars and conferences as an expert in Chinese medicine.

Dr Ling brings to the UK a unique bank of knowledge. She worked first as a consultant to a well-established practice before establishing her own highly successful clinic in Barnet, North London in 2003.

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